Headed back to Nashville.
I have had a great time this past weekend. I performed with my band for the 1st time and it was so fun. These guys are super talented. Many of you know Zach McAlexander from Creek. They won the battle of the bands last year at the High School. He is my lead guitarist, harmonica and mandolin player and he also sings vocals with me. Zach is super talented. I hope you guys get to come see us perform soon.

WE have to go back to Nashville tomorrow or Wed for some label meetings. I'm anxious to see how that all plays out.

It was great seeing all my friends. We had a great time this weekend. It was real sad Friday night. During my concert there was a bad wreck in Covington and 3 people died. I feel so bad for their family. Life is so short. That is why I treasure the time I get to spend with my friends and family.

I love you guys.



My CD is finally finished!
I can't believe my CD is finally complete. I've been working on it for over a year now. I realize why some of these artist get so upset for people downloading their music for free. It is very hard and expensive to create a CD that people will pay money for. Enough about that.

I had a great time traveling to Hope, IN for the Regional Colgate Country showdown contest. I didn't win the regional but I had a lot of fun. One of my dad's friends surprised us by arranging for a tour Bus to take us to Hope. It was too cool. One of my best friends, Christy and her family got to go with us. So did my grandparents. I felt like a Star for the weekend.

Congrats to the Harris Family Band for winning. They have been in this contest for 12 straight years and they did a great job and deserved to win. I'm just glad that is over. I don't like contests.

I got to see some of my friends at the C'Ville football games. That was fun. by the way...did i tell you my cd was out...i can't believe it. You can buy a copy by clicking on the buy now button under the "My Music" button on my website. Please buy a copy. You get a poster with it.

Well...I better go. It is getting late. Try to come out to the Covington BBQ Festival next Friday night from 5:00 to 7:00. I'll be singing some songs to tracks and also singing with my new band.

see ya,



Life is Crazy
The past few weeks have been so crazy for me. I completed my home school courses that were required to complete my Sophomore year so now I am officially a Junior in High School. I would be a sophomore if I was at Collierville High but you go year round with home school so I'm now a Jr... Big deal right?

My CD is getting closer to being released...I can't wait. I've started writing already for my next CD that will come out this time next year. IN this business you have to keep preparing for your next thang or else you get behind.

I hope to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance at CHS but I'm not sure yet. I miss my friends that I use to see every day at school. I heard C'Ville won their football game last night against a good team. Go Dragons. I hope to go to several home games this year and see all my friends and just hang out. I miss that. Don't take your time in high school with your friends for granted. You will miss them once you aren't around them anymore.

Well I better go for now. Email me sometime if you want.


What a couple of Weeks!
I had so much fun last week. We did the photo shoot for my Album, I got to go to my Great Grandma's 88th birthday and see a lot of my family and then we drove home from Nashville in time for me to compete in the Colgate Country Showdown. My best friends Christy, Tarah and Carolina got to come to the Showdown so when I was lucky enough to win I was able to share that with them.

We are working hard on creating the look for my CD jacket right now. The songs are pretty much done but there is so much more that has to be done to complete the packaging of the CD.

I got to go to a cool new meeting tonight from my Church (TLC) called "The Dive". If you want to go with me to that sometime let me know. It is awesome. There was music, pizza, fun and Bart Lewis lead us in a great Bible Study about some real life stuff. My friend Thomas got to go with me and then we met some other people and saw a movie.

Well I better go. Hope some of you guys can make it to the State Finals for the Colgate Country Showdown. Check my home page or calendar out for the details. If you can't please say some prayers for me.

Oh guess what...Lucy Hale, a friend that I sang with in the West Tennessee Youth Chorus a couple of years ago, was selected tonight for the American Juniors group. She is beautiful and has a great voice. I know she will do well. Way to go Lucy.

My Photo Shoot is Booked!
I'm getting really excited because things are moving along rapidly on my CD. Nancy Lee Andrews is an awesome photographer that has shot many Country Music starts (like Reba McEntire, Jo Dee Messina, Martina McBride, Chris Cagle, Lee Ann Womack and many others) and she is going to be shooting me July 21st in Nashville. These pics will be used to present me to labels and for my CD Jacket and promotional materials. I can't wait.

It looks like my CD won't be complete until the end of August because of the artwork and design stuff that has to be done for the CD jacket. We are probably going to have a big CD release party in September...Hopefully on the Town Square in Collierville. I'll probably make my CD available for sale on my website towards the end of August. We thought we would make July but there is so much involved that it has taken longer than expected. I think you will really like it though...I sure hope so.

Please come out and hear me sing at the Colgate Country Showdown on the 26th at 7:00. Check my calendar or home page for details. One of my good friends, Carolina Finch, is coming in town from Colorado for several weeks and I can't wait to see her.

I better go. Thx for your support.


July 4th Fun
I got to spend July 4th weekend back in Collierville. I had a great time hanging with my friends Christy, Tarah, Lindsey, Ashley, Jennifer, Thomas and Chelsea this past week. The fireworks last night at the park in Collierville were awesome.

I'm headed back to Nashville this next week to meet with 2 photographers about taking pics for when they present me to the Major Labels. Once my CD is finished they will present me to the labels, starting in August/September. I've been told they take 4 of your songs and photos into the meeting with the label execs. If they like your pics and music then they want to see the artist...Me. I would talk to them and sing for them at their office. If they like me they would probably want me to perform at a showcase at a Club or at one of their auditoriums in their offices. If they still like me then they would offer me a label deal.

It is a tough business and very competitive. If the big labels decide to hold off on signing me then we would go to the mid-major labels like Dreamworks, Curb or Audium.

Anyway...I let my manager, producers and attorney handle all of that. I have enough to think about just working on my music. I'm wanting to pick the piano backup, which will help when I write my songs.

Anyway...Enough about the business. I love Collierville and getting to see my friends. I hope some of my friends can come out to Covington on July 26th at 7:00 and see me compete in the Colgate Country Showdown. It should be fun and I like having friends there so please come out.

Gotta go. I love u guys,


Mixing my Music
Hey guys...It has been a busy couple weeks since I last wrote. I had a concert at the Old Towne Olive Branch festival that went really well. They are such nice people. Carla, Ashley and Jesse performed also and they were great. Mr. Cruthirds made me feel very welcome and wants me to come back.

My talented producers are currently mixing my songs. We have recorded everything and once they are mixed we will get them mastered. I've got a photo shoot in Nashville coming up too that will be used to create my CD Jacket and some promotional photos.

I've been in Pickwick this past weekend and part of this week hangin with one of my best friends Christy. It was good to get away from the music for a few days. I'm headed back home though for the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Thx for your support. The CD is coming soon...I can't wait.


Memphis to Nashville & Back
The last couple of weeks I've been back and forth between Memphis and Nashville. I've been recording some background vocals on some of my songs in Nashville and been rehearsing at the Orpheum for the Memphis Music Showcase.

I had a cool time Thurs night singing on a live Radio show at Prime Ministers Restaurant downtown Memphis. They interviewed me about the Showcase and then I sang some songs. My vocal coach Brandi and my cousin Katie were with me and we had a lot of fun. Downtown Memphis can be so much fun.

I'm kinda nervous about the Showcase. I found out that Trenyce and Kimberly Locke of American Idol will be guest judges. I'll get to hang with them after the show too at the After Party. I think they are both so talented.

I also just got off of a telephone interview with the Collierville Independent. They are going to run an article next Wed in the paper about me and the Showcase.

Today I'm just chillin with my cousin Katie and I think we're going to the movies with my friend Christie later. Don't forget that my CD is coming out soon. You'll be able to buy it over my web site soon so keep checking.

Love you guys,


Wrapping up Recording
I'm in the final stages of recording my vocals for my CD. We will start going back thru each song and making sure we have the sound we want and recording background vocals. We will also add more instrumentals to some of the tracks.

Can't wait to hear the finished songs and have a CD that everyone can hear. I'm hoping to get to open up B.B. Kings in Nashville in August at their new Club. I'll keep you posted about that and some other things in the works.

Well I'm headed to sing at Dixon, TN tonight for a fund raiser for a Veteran from the War with Iraq that had his legs blown off. That really puts your problems in perspective.

Love you guys,


What a week!
This past week was very tiring but extemely exciting and fun. Opening for Steve Azar, Singing at BB Kings and opening for Andy Childs all within a week was very pressure packed but I loved it. Steve and Andy are 2 of the classiest men in Country Music. Andy and Robb Houston of Sixwire invited me to the Fan Fair Party they are throwing in Nashville and I can't wait for that.

The music business really requires a lot of hard work but when you love what you are doing then it is really hard to call it work. Home School, vocal lessons, dance lessons, recording, etc...is very challenging but I can't imagine doing anything else.

I appreciate my family and friends so much for supporting me. You guys have made a lot of trips to watch me perform and I am so thankful and blessed to have you in my life. I promise I will never forget that.

Luv ya,


Spring Fest Concert
I have been so busy this past year writing songs and recording that I haven't had time to perform live and in person in at least 6-8 months. I got back on stage this past weekend when I opened up for Steve Azar at the Annual Southaven Spring Fest. Boy was I nervous. It was a great crowd and I had a lot of fun. You always feel like you could have done better but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Steve Azar is awesome. He really encouraged me and he is a cutie. We took some good pictures with him that I'll be posting on my website this week.

I'm performing this Friday at B.B. Kings on world famous Beale Street with Mark Massey's band. Come down and check it out. Saturday I travel to Little Rock to open up for Andy Childs of Sixwire at the Catfish Country Festival. That should be a lot of fun too.

Next week I'm headed back to Nashville to wrap up recording on my CD. We are getting close and it should be out by July 4th. I plan on having copies of it for sale at my 4th of July concert in Collierville for Independence Day. Life is fun but hectic right now.

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported me this past weekend. I love you guys.



Back in the Studio
I've been back in the studio the past couple of weeks. We have been working on 3 of the songs that will be on my CD. Can't wait for u to hear em. One is a song about change and how love can bring about that change. It is a great ballad. One is a song that talks about a girl that does things just a little different than normal. It is a rockin country song. The other one is a song that I wrote on a ski boat last summer with my producers. I actually got the beat of the song from 2 of my best friends.

I am really excited about getting to open up for "Sixwire" outside Little Rock, AR on May 3rd. I wish some C'ville folks would come over and give me some home town support. I think it is going to be really fun. I'll be posting the details about it soon so keep checking back.

I've gotta go now. Busy day tomorrow with a voice lesson, workout and back to the studio. I also can't wait to go to D-Now this weekend.


Life is Good!
Dear Diary,

I've had sooo muuuch fuuun hanging out with my friends the last couple weeks. I got to go to the Winterfest dance at my high school (thanks Jason for asking me to go, it was really fun). That was my 1st school dance and we had a big group of friends and we all had a great time.

It has been great getting to spend time with my friends Christy, Tarah, Nicole and Jennifer this past week. I haven't been able to hang with them for a long time. They are a lot of fun.

I was very excited too that I was selected to perform at the Orpheum Theatre downtown Memphis on June 7th. I hope you guys will come and see me sing. The Orpheum is so cool and I can't wait to get on stage and perform.

I have also been ask to perform again at the Fair on the Square in May and was just ask yesterday to perform at the Collierville 4th of July concert. It is going to be a busy spring and summer.

I'm headed to Nashville this weekend but will be back next week. My CD probably won't be ready until May/June. Thank you all for supporting me.


Legal Stuff
Had to go to Nashville yesterday to meet with my lawyer. He is a great guy and I am learning a lot about this Music Business stuff. That is a big part of having a successful career. I have to get all of that worked out before we complete the recording of my CD.

I hope to be back in the studio recording on some more of my songs in the next week or so. I am so anxious for people to hear my music.

I think I am going to go to a school dance next weekend with a friend of mine. I can't wait for that either. I miss seeing a lot of my friends.

Hope you guys have a great week.


Headed back to Nashville
I'm headed back to Nashville tomorrow to celebrate New Years with some family and to get back in the studio. We will be working on musical tracks for 6-7 more songs and fine tuning some of the other songs we have already started.

Christmas was great here in Collierville. I got to see a lot of friends and family. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a happy New Year. I think 2003 is going to be a great year!


I finally started recording!!
I'm so excited. I finally got in the studio last week to start recording my 1st CD. I didn't realize how much work went into that. We had about 6 musicians in that day along with 3 producers/engineers and myself. It was too cool to watch all these talented people.

We recorded lead musical tracks for 4 of my 13 songs this 1st day. I just sang what they call "guide vocals". This allows the musicians to get a feel for what the song will sound like. I came back the next day and sang the main vocal for 1 of the 4 songs. It is a song that has a blues/country feel to it about Memphis and Elvis. It is one of my favorites. They still have to add some other instruments and backup vocals to that track and then send it out to be mastered. Can't wait to hear the mastered cut.

I'm currently back at home for the holidays. Went to see "The Two Towers" last night with my brother and about 6 of his friends...It was a cool movie. You should go see it.

I better go now. I'll be back in the studio after the holidays to start working on the other 12 songs. We hope to be finished with the CD by Feb/March time frame. Keep checking back.



Hey Ya
hey yall
i'm home and getting ready for the holidays! Including my christmas concert, both of them! man have i got alot of work to do! Anyways i just wanted to say hey to everyone and have a happy holiday!

Home for the Holidays
I've been back here in Collierville for a week or so getting ready for Thanksgiving. I just love Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.

I'm looking forward to singing next week for the Christmas tree lighting here in Collierville. I hope you all can come. I've also got an audition for the Orpheum Youth Talent Showcase and a concert on the 8th at the square at 2:30. I have also been ask to sing at my Church, TLC at Woodland Hills at 10:30 Sunday morning the 8th. I'll get to sing one of the original songs I co-wrote for my upcoming CD.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and gets to eat a lot of Turkey.



Working hard in Nashville
Hey guys...I`m back in Nashvegas (I here my uncle Paul call Nashville that all the time) working hard on my songs. I have co-written about 12 songs with my wonderfully talented producer, Jim Allison, and another super talented song writer, Stephanie McKenna. It has been an awesome experience. We just finished writing all the songs that will go on my 1st CD. The next month will be spent recording the musical tracks for the songs. I think they are going to be some really cool songs.

I`m scheduled to get in the studio the week of December 2nd to start recording my vocals. That is the fun part, even though it is hard work too. It was great being back in Collierville the last week or so. I got to spend some time with some of my friends and play with my dog Toto and cat Tootsie. It is exciting pursuing a singing career but it has been hard being away from home too. If you don`t mind say a little prayer for me every now and then.

Well...I have to go. I really appreciate everyone supporting me. Don`t forget to come to the square in Collierville for the Christmas tree lighting Dec 2nd at 5:00 and Dec 7th at 2:30 for Christmas in Collierville. I`ll be singing on those days at those times.

Love ya,


Headed Back to Nashville
Dear Diary,

Well I`m headed back to Nashville for some song writing appointments. I really like song writing but it is challenging. You really have to get creative to come up with new song ideas and the words and music to go with them.

I`m singing in Collierville on the square twice in December, check my calendar for the dates and times. I love the Holidays. When the leaves start changing and it starts getting cooler I just start getting the Holiday spirit. Email me sometime and let me know if you agree. What are you wearing for Halloween? I haven`t decided yet.

Gotta Go. Love ya,


Journal Entry
Dear Diary,

Hey everyone I hope you guys are having fun checking out my website! Make sure you recieve my news letter. I miss performing for everyone and can`t wait to get back to Nashville and work my butt off....haha! Hope to see you guys soon, until then, Best Wishes and keep dreaming! I love each and everyone of you guys because yall are the ones who will encourage me to be successful with my career.

Keep checking back with me to see what is going on. I love you guys.


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