What a couple of Weeks!
I had so much fun last week. We did the photo shoot for my Album, I got to go to my Great Grandma's 88th birthday and see a lot of my family and then we drove home from Nashville in time for me to compete in the Colgate Country Showdown. My best friends Christy, Tarah and Carolina got to come to the Showdown so when I was lucky enough to win I was able to share that with them.

We are working hard on creating the look for my CD jacket right now. The songs are pretty much done but there is so much more that has to be done to complete the packaging of the CD.

I got to go to a cool new meeting tonight from my Church (TLC) called "The Dive". If you want to go with me to that sometime let me know. It is awesome. There was music, pizza, fun and Bart Lewis lead us in a great Bible Study about some real life stuff. My friend Thomas got to go with me and then we met some other people and saw a movie.

Well I better go. Hope some of you guys can make it to the State Finals for the Colgate Country Showdown. Check my home page or calendar out for the details. If you can't please say some prayers for me.

Oh guess what...Lucy Hale, a friend that I sang with in the West Tennessee Youth Chorus a couple of years ago, was selected tonight for the American Juniors group. She is beautiful and has a great voice. I know she will do well. Way to go Lucy.

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