July 4th Fun
I got to spend July 4th weekend back in Collierville. I had a great time hanging with my friends Christy, Tarah, Lindsey, Ashley, Jennifer, Thomas and Chelsea this past week. The fireworks last night at the park in Collierville were awesome.

I'm headed back to Nashville this next week to meet with 2 photographers about taking pics for when they present me to the Major Labels. Once my CD is finished they will present me to the labels, starting in August/September. I've been told they take 4 of your songs and photos into the meeting with the label execs. If they like your pics and music then they want to see the artist...Me. I would talk to them and sing for them at their office. If they like me they would probably want me to perform at a showcase at a Club or at one of their auditoriums in their offices. If they still like me then they would offer me a label deal.

It is a tough business and very competitive. If the big labels decide to hold off on signing me then we would go to the mid-major labels like Dreamworks, Curb or Audium.

Anyway...I let my manager, producers and attorney handle all of that. I have enough to think about just working on my music. I'm wanting to pick the piano backup, which will help when I write my songs.

Anyway...Enough about the business. I love Collierville and getting to see my friends. I hope some of my friends can come out to Covington on July 26th at 7:00 and see me compete in the Colgate Country Showdown. It should be fun and I like having friends there so please come out.

Gotta go. I love u guys,


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