Mixing my Music
Hey guys...It has been a busy couple weeks since I last wrote. I had a concert at the Old Towne Olive Branch festival that went really well. They are such nice people. Carla, Ashley and Jesse performed also and they were great. Mr. Cruthirds made me feel very welcome and wants me to come back.

My talented producers are currently mixing my songs. We have recorded everything and once they are mixed we will get them mastered. I've got a photo shoot in Nashville coming up too that will be used to create my CD Jacket and some promotional photos.

I've been in Pickwick this past weekend and part of this week hangin with one of my best friends Christy. It was good to get away from the music for a few days. I'm headed back home though for the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Thx for your support. The CD is coming soon...I can't wait.


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