Back in the Studio
I've been back in the studio the past couple of weeks. We have been working on 3 of the songs that will be on my CD. Can't wait for u to hear em. One is a song about change and how love can bring about that change. It is a great ballad. One is a song that talks about a girl that does things just a little different than normal. It is a rockin country song. The other one is a song that I wrote on a ski boat last summer with my producers. I actually got the beat of the song from 2 of my best friends.

I am really excited about getting to open up for "Sixwire" outside Little Rock, AR on May 3rd. I wish some C'ville folks would come over and give me some home town support. I think it is going to be really fun. I'll be posting the details about it soon so keep checking back.

I've gotta go now. Busy day tomorrow with a voice lesson, workout and back to the studio. I also can't wait to go to D-Now this weekend.


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