Life is Good!
Dear Diary,

I've had sooo muuuch fuuun hanging out with my friends the last couple weeks. I got to go to the Winterfest dance at my high school (thanks Jason for asking me to go, it was really fun). That was my 1st school dance and we had a big group of friends and we all had a great time.

It has been great getting to spend time with my friends Christy, Tarah, Nicole and Jennifer this past week. I haven't been able to hang with them for a long time. They are a lot of fun.

I was very excited too that I was selected to perform at the Orpheum Theatre downtown Memphis on June 7th. I hope you guys will come and see me sing. The Orpheum is so cool and I can't wait to get on stage and perform.

I have also been ask to perform again at the Fair on the Square in May and was just ask yesterday to perform at the Collierville 4th of July concert. It is going to be a busy spring and summer.

I'm headed to Nashville this weekend but will be back next week. My CD probably won't be ready until May/June. Thank you all for supporting me.


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