I finally started recording!!
I'm so excited. I finally got in the studio last week to start recording my 1st CD. I didn't realize how much work went into that. We had about 6 musicians in that day along with 3 producers/engineers and myself. It was too cool to watch all these talented people.

We recorded lead musical tracks for 4 of my 13 songs this 1st day. I just sang what they call "guide vocals". This allows the musicians to get a feel for what the song will sound like. I came back the next day and sang the main vocal for 1 of the 4 songs. It is a song that has a blues/country feel to it about Memphis and Elvis. It is one of my favorites. They still have to add some other instruments and backup vocals to that track and then send it out to be mastered. Can't wait to hear the mastered cut.

I'm currently back at home for the holidays. Went to see "The Two Towers" last night with my brother and about 6 of his friends...It was a cool movie. You should go see it.

I better go now. I'll be back in the studio after the holidays to start working on the other 12 songs. We hope to be finished with the CD by Feb/March time frame. Keep checking back.



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