Working hard in Nashville
Hey guys...I`m back in Nashvegas (I here my uncle Paul call Nashville that all the time) working hard on my songs. I have co-written about 12 songs with my wonderfully talented producer, Jim Allison, and another super talented song writer, Stephanie McKenna. It has been an awesome experience. We just finished writing all the songs that will go on my 1st CD. The next month will be spent recording the musical tracks for the songs. I think they are going to be some really cool songs.

I`m scheduled to get in the studio the week of December 2nd to start recording my vocals. That is the fun part, even though it is hard work too. It was great being back in Collierville the last week or so. I got to spend some time with some of my friends and play with my dog Toto and cat Tootsie. It is exciting pursuing a singing career but it has been hard being away from home too. If you don`t mind say a little prayer for me every now and then.

Well...I have to go. I really appreciate everyone supporting me. Don`t forget to come to the square in Collierville for the Christmas tree lighting Dec 2nd at 5:00 and Dec 7th at 2:30 for Christmas in Collierville. I`ll be singing on those days at those times.

Love ya,


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