Excited about 2006!
I'm really excited about 2006. I think this is going to be a great year even though I know I'll probably have to work harder this year than I ever have. I'm working on song writing for my 2nd album and that is really hard. I've changed a lot since my 1st album and there are so many things I want to say thru my music but capturing the right words and music is tough. Zack (My lead guitarist) and I have written about 10 songs together over the last year and I'm anxious to iron those songs out and see how they turn out when we play them live. We are gradually adding those to the set list. I think playing them live will help determine which songs are best to record as well. I'm excited about playing the Southaven Spring Fest again also. The last time I played there was when I was 15 I think. I didn't even have a band yet. That seems like forever ago. I lived the 1st 5 years of my life in Southaven and my parents went to high school there so I have a great fondness for that place. I am also playing the Hard Rock again after the Toby Keith Concert. If you are going to see Toby please come to the Hard Rock afterwards to the unofficial Toby Keith after party. We are going to have a lot of fun.

Enough about the biz. I've gotten to spend some time over the last few weeks with a lot of my friends and family. I've got some great friends and family that I love so much. It seems like yesterday we were all in elementary and middle school together. Now all of my friends are getting ready to head off to college and start working full time. I get sad when I think about that although I am glad for all of them. I always heard that time goes by so fast as you grow older but I never believed it. It is true though. This would have been my Senior year in High School at Collierville had I not gone to Home School because of my singing career. I hope all of my dragon friends have a great last half of their Senior year. I miss seeing you all.

Hey I also got to attend the Passion Conf a few weeks ago. That was incredible. I learned a lot those few days that I hope becomes a part of my daily life. I think we are all here for a purpose and it doesn't just involve ourself. I hope I always remember that. If I forget that please feel free to put me in my place.

Well...I better let you go for now. Can't wait to start traveling again in 2006 and seeing some familiar faces and making a lot of new friends. I enjoy that more than anything in this crazy music career. If I didn't get to make new friends and have fun with people on the road I would quit tomorrow. I love the guys in my band. We have so much fun together and I consider them great friends. They are so talented and make me look good. Come out and see us if you can.

See ya on the road.


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