Summer is almost Over :(
It seems like the summer has flown by. Many of my friends are heading back to school next week and football season is just around the corner, which I am excited about. If I had been able to stay in public school this would be my senior year at Collierville High School so I can't wait to go to the football games this year and see my friends and watch the Dragons play. I'm sad summer is over but I love the fall too.

Just got back from a trip to Florida with a group from Church and that was really great. We talked about a lot of spiritual things that relate to every day life. It wasn't about going to Church and being a good Christian but it was about how your spiritual life and relationship to God should be wrapped up in everything you do and not just on Sundays. This guy Rick Webb really made you think about a lot of things. It was cool.

Hey I've got some fun shows coming up this week at Rum Boogie and BB Kings on Beale and next week in the Court Square downtown Memphis as a part of the Memphis Music Commission Summer concert series. I hope you guys come out for some of those shows before the summer is over and school starts back. It also looks like I'm going to get to open for Bo Diddley in Hampton, Virginia on Sept 10th. We hope to know for sure this week on that.

Send me an email every now and then because I love hearing from you. I'm also out on now as well so you can get me there. Hope to see some of you this week.


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