Summer is here!
I'm so excited that summer is here. I can't wait to go to Florida for my family vacation and to see some of my cousins that have been off at College all year. I feel so lucky to have a great family.

I've been doing some song writing over the last few weeks. Lately I've been writing with Zack Mack from my band. Zack is so talented, just like all the guys in the band, but we are almost the same age and both went to Collierville Schools and live fairly close to each other, so we click pretty well when it comes to song writing. We are going to be adding a few of the originals we have written to the show soon. In fact we are adding 1 this week for our show at Isaac's and for the Indie Heaven tour.

I'm looking forward to just haning with my friends this summer when I'm in town. I have some great friends and I really appreciate their support and friendship. I couldn't pursue this career without them. I would love to hear from some of you so send me an email sometime or go to my site and post a Blog on my manager's Blog site. He keeps me posted on any comments he gets. I hope to get my own Blog site in the not too distant future. Hey...One of the guys that came out to one of my BB King's shows created a site for me at that is pretty cool. I've not used My Space much but you can add friends and join other people's sites. Check it out.

Well I better sign off for now. Hope to see you around Memphis this summer or on the road at one of my shows. Thanks for all your support.


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