Ready for Halloween!
I love this time of year. I bought my halloween costume at the beginning of October and can't wait to get out and go trick or treating with my friends. I'm just a big kid.

We had a couple of fun shows recently. Playing to 10,000 boyscouts was quite an experience. That was a rush and they were a great group to perform for. We also had a neat show at the TN Baptist Children's Home to help raise awareness about that great program for kids. I made some new friends and hope to get to play there again next year. It is a great cause to support if you are looking for some way to have a positive impact on young people's lives.

Hey...I'm going to be on the radio this coming Saturday night at 6:30 as a part of the "Soul Stew" radio program with Brett Fleming on FM 89.9 here in Memphis. I'll sing a few songs and they will play a few off my CD. That should be fun so I hope you tune in.

Can't wait to head down to Fort Lauderdale on Nov 20th and play with a bunch of great artists at the Riverwalk Blues festival. We are going to hit the beach, eat some seafood and play and listen to some great music while we are down there.

Hope everyone has a great halloween and gets some great candy.

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