On the Road Again!
I just got back from a great trip to Virginia with the band where we performed at a big festival in Hampton. I got to play to about 2500 people on the festivals main stage right before Chely Wright performed. We had such a good time and were treated great by the festival personnel. I got to meet a lot of great people and sign a bunch of autographs after the show.

We have some cool shows coming up in town and back on the road this month and the 1st week of October. I hope I get to see many of you at some of these shows. I'm really excited about playing an accoustic show next Wednesday at the Bon Ton Cafe downtown Memphis. Accoustic shows are fun because it is much more personal with the audience and more relaxing. It should be a lot of fun.

Well...School started back for me a couple weeks ago. I enjoy home school but I do miss seeing a lot of my friends at Collierville. It looks like I might graduate though around Christmas time. I can't believe that.

There is a young girl that I wish you guys would pray for. Her name is Elizabeth and she is 11 years old and she has cancer. She has been battling this for a while and they found a new tumor on her hip and will have to remove part of her hip bone. She is really down and has questioned her parents about whether it is worth it to undergo more Chemo treatments. We are so lucky to have good health but that can change at any time. Please remember her.

I got to see my big brother last week. I haven't seen him in months since he is in College down in Florida. I really miss him a lot but he is doing great in computer animation school. He wants to make movies like Lord of the Rings. He is so talented and I am so proud of him.

Well I better go. Hope everyone is having a good fall. I love this time of year because of the weather and football season. Go Dragons.


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