I can't believe Summer is almost over.
Wow has this summer gone by fast or what? I can't believe school is starting back up for everyone. I'm excited that football season is about here. My dad has helped me gain an appreciation for football because he has coached the Collierville Dragon middle school team for 8 years now. A lot my friend played for him and I would go to their games all the time. Now those guys are Juniors and Seniors on the High School team and I can't wait to see them play this year. Go Dragons! Even though I have to home school now because of singing I will always be a Dragon at heart.

I've been in Nashville this past week song writing and in some meetings with some Industry people. I am so proud of my 1st CD but I can't wait to record another one. I think back and I was only 14 when I started working on my 1st CD. I have changed a lot as an artist since then and so has my musical style. I'm anxious to see what songs wind up being on my next album.

I got to talk to two of my good friends this past week that I haven't spoken to in a long time... Ashley and Carolina. It was great talking to them and catching up on what all has been going on with them.

The band and I will play BB Kings the 13th and 20th of August and we have some great festivals lined up to play in September and October. Hope to see many of you this month at BB's.

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