What a great time of the year!
Are you enjoying this spring as much as I am. The weather has been awesome lately. I think it is going to be a great spring and summer. April was busy. Was on the road quite a bit and had some really great and fun shows. Got to make a lot of new friends out there on the road in Louisville, Green Bay, Nashville and Kennett. Thanks for coming out to the shows and taking the time to see us play and support us.

Things are really starting to get even busier. Looks like we may do some shows down on the Florida Coast and we are going to play BB Kings here in Memphis and the Old Daisy Theater. We are also going to be playing to about 12,000 boyscouts in October and some other cool gigs.

I'm just glad to get to spend time with my friends back here in the greatest town in the US, Collierville. I hope everyone has a great summer and that you get to do some really cool stuff. I also want to wish all of the mothers out there a happy mothers day...Especially my Mom.

Till next time...Stay cool.


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