Back to Work.
The new year has started off with a lot of hard work. The band and I are practicing several times per week. We are gearing up for hitting the road in March/April. We had a great gig last week at Newbys where we opened for Cross Canadian Ragweed. The crowd really got into our music.

I'm in Nashville this week song writing and attending a music seminar hosted by my vocal coach. There will be other vocal coaches and many artists at the seminar. I've been working hard on my guitar also and of course trying to keep up with home school.

I'm really excited about going to Winter Fest at Collierville next week with my good friend Thomas and some other friends of ours. I found this really pretty dress that I hope to buy...We'll see.

Well I better go. I'm headed to the studio to work on some new songs we are writing.


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