Song Writing Again
Hey guys. I've been writing some new songs lately for my next album. Song writing really makes you think and look deep within yourself at things you experience and how they affect you. That is one of the things I like about it because you stop and examine your life and decisions you have made or mistakes you have made. Hopefully you discover you have made some good choices too.

I'm excited about some things we are trying book for this coming spring. We are hoping to take the band and perform a lot down in Texas. I have a lot of family roots down there dating back to the Alamo days. IN fact McCulloch County Texas is named after one of my famous Relatives, Ben McCulloch. It would be great to go down there and visit where he lived and served as a Texas Ranger. We may also book some dates on some Cruise Lines and of course Fairs and Festivals.

I think I'm going to C'Ville Christmas Parade tonight with some friends and then go see a movie. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you really enjoy the Holiday Season.


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