Headed back to Nashville.
I have had a great time this past weekend. I performed with my band for the 1st time and it was so fun. These guys are super talented. Many of you know Zach McAlexander from Creek. They won the battle of the bands last year at the High School. He is my lead guitarist, harmonica and mandolin player and he also sings vocals with me. Zach is super talented. I hope you guys get to come see us perform soon.

WE have to go back to Nashville tomorrow or Wed for some label meetings. I'm anxious to see how that all plays out.

It was great seeing all my friends. We had a great time this weekend. It was real sad Friday night. During my concert there was a bad wreck in Covington and 3 people died. I feel so bad for their family. Life is so short. That is why I treasure the time I get to spend with my friends and family.

I love you guys.



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