Life is Crazy
The past few weeks have been so crazy for me. I completed my home school courses that were required to complete my Sophomore year so now I am officially a Junior in High School. I would be a sophomore if I was at Collierville High but you go year round with home school so I'm now a Jr... Big deal right?

My CD is getting closer to being released...I can't wait. I've started writing already for my next CD that will come out this time next year. IN this business you have to keep preparing for your next thang or else you get behind.

I hope to go to the Sadie Hawkins dance at CHS but I'm not sure yet. I miss my friends that I use to see every day at school. I heard C'Ville won their football game last night against a good team. Go Dragons. I hope to go to several home games this year and see all my friends and just hang out. I miss that. Don't take your time in high school with your friends for granted. You will miss them once you aren't around them anymore.

Well I better go for now. Email me sometime if you want.


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