Back From Hampton!
Sorry I haven't updated my diary in a while. The last few weeks have been very crazy for me. I haven't played any shows all summer and all of a sudden I've had 5 shows in the last 2 weeks. Had a great time playing Newby's with Django Walker. Hope to play Newby's again soon now that College is back in session. Bob Holden and Walt Bazner recorded my show at Whistler's in Bartlett and will play it on air on the Juke N Jam Show soon. Those shows were tune ups for my trip to Hampton, VA where I got to play with Delbert McClinton. He is awesome. When I got thru with my show I walked off backstage and he was waiting for me. He told me I did great and gave me some great encouragement. Then he brought me up on stage to sing 2 songs with him. We sang Stormy Monday, which I love, and a 2nd song I didn't know. He had to whisper the words in my ear and I would sing them. It was too cool.

We left on Thursday the 7th and played a benefit in Knoxville at the presevation pub. Jerry Collins from TVA arranged the show for us...Thanks Jerry. Met a great band from Charleston, SC that was playing after us called Sol Driven Train. Hope to hook up with them on the road in S.C. soon. They had this cool old bus that they traveled on and I think there were 9 or 10 band members. That is the life of true musicians.

We played the Town Pump Tavern on Sat night outside Asheville, NC. It is actually in Black Mountain, NC and that is the coolest little town. It was really wild going from a huge stage on Friday night performing with Delbert to a hole in the wall Tavern on Sat night. Both gigs were a lot of fun. Thanks Dan Johnston for having us back at the Town Pump. If you are ever there stay at the Monte Vista Hotel and go eat some Pizza at "My Fathers" pizza.

I just want to thank Jock, Zack, Chris and Chris for being such great guys to hang with and perform with. You guys are so talented as musicians and you are too fun. AFKAS made the trip too. YOu should check him out at I'm sure he'll have some pics out there from the trip.

I'm headed to the Gulf Coast for the Shrimpfest in Oct. Hope some of you try to make the trip with me. Halloween is just around the corner too so maybe I'll see you out trick or treating.


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