I've lost some Wisdom!!!
Teeth that is... I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled a couple weeks ago. That was no fun but I'm over it now. So if I say something stupid every now and then just chalk it up to me losing my wisdom teeth. The blonde hair has nothing to do with it so don't go there...Ha.

Hope you guys are having a good Holiday season so far. I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping. I love this time of year. People just seemed to be in a better mood for the most part. I guess they know Santa is coming soon...I don't know but that is my theory. What do you guys want for Christmas? Send me an email and tell me what you want. I want a car but I know I'm not getting that so I guess I'll settle for some new clothes and one of those jeweled cases for my cell phone.

Hey...We play the Shanti out here in C'ville tonight and on the 29th of Dec. We are also playing New Years Eve on Beale Street and the guys and I will be on TV some during that show. We are in the TV slot from 10:20 - 11:20. They will cut away several times for a few minutes to show us playing. Come down and bring in the New Year with us. It should be a lot of fun.

I got to play at the Methodist Church here in C'ville last weekend and that was a blast. Hung out with some really cool home town peeps and we did some line dancing and laughed and cut up. Thanks for the invite CUMC. Got to spend some good girl time last night too with my girls Tarah and Christy. We went to Fridays with Nicole and sang some Karaoke and then to WalMart and tried on clothes in the young girls section for the fun of it. They were about 3 sizes too small so we threw on a pink feathered bowa and some pink sunglasses and we were cool.

I guess I better go...I've got some keyboard lessons today and I need to practice some. I am writing some new songs that I'm going to be bringing out over the next few months at my shows. I am also adding a lot of new cover songs from some great artists for next year. We'll still keep many of the songs we perform now but add a lot of new stuff. Should be a lot of fun.

If I don't get on here before CHRISTmas I hope everyone has a great one and a wonderful New Year.


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