Cool stuff in 2005!
2005 has started off great. I graduated from High School, we played Isaac Hayes Club, we are in the process of booking some cool festivals and I may shoot a video in April. Valentines Day is just around the corner too so I hope all you sweethearts out there have a romantic valentines celebration.

The band and I have really had a great time practicing and performing for the Isaac Hayes Club booking. They now want us to play there every 6 weeks. I think we are also working on trying to play BB's every 6 weeks or so as well. That would be great. I had a great time at Isaacs getting to see some of my friends I haven't seen since Junior High.

We are talking about a video that would be shot by the guy that did all of Billy Joel's and all of Garth Brook's videos. In fact there isn't hardly any big time performers that he hasn't shot videos for. We'll know more about that in March. Hope everyone gets to come to our next round of the Emergenza Festival on April 30th. We are currently tied for 538th in the World after the 1st round out of the 20,000 plus bands that are in this festival. We will need a big turnout if we are to advance to round 3 so please plan to come out for that show. You can buy tickets off my website under the "My Stuff" link.

I start working out with a trainer this next week. She has already shown me some of the routines and I started going them this past week and I'm going to die. She is going to kill me I think. So...I hope you haven't seen the last of me.

I hope everyone has a great February and a wonderful Valentines.


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