Headed to Louisiana
Had band practice today to work on a couple of cover songs we are going to do down in Louisiana at the State Fair. I think we will have a lot of fun down there and we are expecting a really great crowd. I'll be doing some radio remotes while we are there and be on TV for some live interviews.

We may be playing at BB Kings on Beale Sunday night (10/26) at 6:00. I'll know for sure by Wed of this week. I hope that works out. We leave for Louisiana on the 28th and will be back just in time for halloween. Can't wait for that either.

Guess what. I got my drivers license this past Friday. Now if I only had a car. I'm bugging my mom and dad to death about driving. I worked hard for that license.

Wish you all could come to Louisiana and hang out with us next week. I've got some family coming so that is good.

Well I better go. Hope you all have a great week.


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