Dani Competes at the Colgate Country Showdown
Here I am with my cousin Tori before I competed in the Colgate Country Showdown. There were 16 contestants and the winner advanced to the State finals held in Nashville. I sang Martina`s "Broken Wing" because so many people like that song...including me.

You get extra points for performing original music that you have written but I hadn`t written anything at that time. I finished 2nd to a 25 year old woman from Nashville, that is also pursuing a singing career. She wrote the song she performed and did a great job. It would have been fun to win but I really don`t like contests. It takes the fun out of performing.

Hey...Garth Brooks and Lee Ann Rimes finished 2nd at the local contests they performed at years ago when this contest was called the Jimmy Dean True Value Country Showdown. So I guess I`m in good company. Maybe it is a good omen to come in 2nd in this contest...Who knows.

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