Dani Performs at Johnny High`s Country Music Review
Dani traveled to Arlington, Texas this past summer to audition for Johnny High`s Country Music Review. Johnny High has been in the music business for over 60 years. He has one of the longest running "Grand Ole Opry" style music reviews in the Country. His show has been running every weekend for the past 23 years.

Country Stars Lee Ann Womack, Linda Davis, Steve Holy and Lee Ann Rimes got their start at Johnny High`s. Lee Ann Rimes performed over 400 shows at Johnny`s while growing up in the Dallas, Texas area.

Linda Davis performed countless shows at Johnny High`s in the early days of her career. Linda and her husband Lang helped arrange for Dani to try out for Johnny`s review. Johnny has 3-4 auditions per year for performers of all ages. New performers that pass the audition typically perform on the Friday night show while seasoned performers appear on the Saturday night show.

After Dani`s audition she was ask to stay and perform that night on the Saturday night show. "I was thrilled to be ask to stay and sing with Johnny`s Saturday night seasoned performers. Miss Texas performed that night so I got to meet her. Johnny has such an awesome show that rivals the Grand Ole Opry. He really made me feel like a star that night."

I want to thank Mike Stewart for being so nice to me and believing in me enough to recommend that Johnny put me on the show that night. Thanks Mike...You are an awesome performer and a true gentleman.

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