Dani and young Fan at World Famous B.B. Kings on Beale!
Dani and the band performed this summer every other Friday night at the world famous B.B. King's blues club on Beale Street. A young fan of Dani's bought her a rose and gave it to her and his mom took this picture of them together. They were in Memphis from overseas and here are her comments:

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2020 21:06:32 +0200
Subject: thanks
we would thank you for the wonderful evening at the b.b.king's blues club on august 20th.on beale street
i don't know if you remember about the shy boy steven,but he was now one of your greatest fans,he like to listen you new cd every day.i hope that one day we will see you again.merry greetings from luxembourg fam.kaufhold

J.B. Wells and his staff do a tremendous job of making sure you have a great time at the club and the food there is outstanding. As you can see people of all ages have a great time at BB's on Beale.
posted: 6/25/2004

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