''Feels Good to Miss You'' has held on the charts on FreshBlend Radio's Top 100 Chart for 9 weeks!
Dani's single, "Feels Good to Miss You" peaked at #18 on the top 100 charts on Fresh Blend Radio. She broke in at #71 in week #1 and jumped 19 spots to #52 in week two. In week 3 "Feels Good" climbed to #37 and in week 4 this great song has climbed to #24 on the chart. Last week "Feels Good" jumped up 2 more spots to #22 and in week 6 she jumped 4 more spots to #18. Thanks for supporting Dani and this great song.

You can request her song for airplay by going to Fresh Blend and emailing a request for Dani. Or if you hear her song, "Feels Good to Miss You", being played just click on the Thumbs Up icon to help move her up the chart.

This is a great online Radio program that takes into account major artists and independents. Help Dani move up the charts by emailing a request for her song.
posted: 4/07/2021

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