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Dani's new CD, "Oustide the Lines," is now available for purchase online. Click on MY MUSIC and scroll down below the image of my CD Jacket Cover and click on the "buy now" button. You can hear sound clips of the CD as well under the MY MUSIC page.

The album contains 12 songs that were written by Dani, Jim Allison and Stephanie McKenna. The CD has definite country roots but it also has that undeniable blues/southern rock Memphis sound.

"I am so excited about my CD finally coming out. We have been working on this CD for over a year now and I am very proud of it. The album contains songs that are Rockin Country with a little blues mixed in. It also has some great ballads that are romantic or have a great message. The title track, "Outside the Lines," really sums up this album because most of the music has an edge to it and is really fun to listen to."

This CD will make a great Christmas Gift for your friends and family.
posted: 11/18/2003


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