Memphis Music Showcase Article
Talented musicians urged to audition for Showcase
By Lela Garlington
February 27, 2021

When the Memphis Music Showcase holds its third audition on April 5, it is looking exclusively for talented players who can turn a musical instrument into music that melts the soul.

The tryouts are aimed at finding talented youths between ages 13 and 23.

So far, nine contestants have made the cut. A panel of judges selected four finalists at the Feb. 15 audition.

The actual Showcase is set for June 7 at 7 p.m. at the Orpheum. The grand-prize winner will leave with a $5,000 savings bond and a chance to perform as the opening act for an Orpheum event.

During the Feb. 15 auditions, pianist Adam Levin, 23, of Memphis; vocalist Katy Adkinson, 19, of Bartlett; vocalist Dani McCulloch, 15, and flautist Lindsey Kuhn, 20, both of Collierville, made the latest cuts. Five others were selected in December during the first tryout.

Due to demand from young entertainers wanting to try out, organizers added the third and final audition exclusively for musicians or bands. Like the previous auditions, it will be held at Overton High from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"Anyone who moves on to the finals will be awarded a $500 savings bond," said Alice Donahue with the Orpheum theater.

So far, all musicians who have advanced have performed classical pieces but Donahue said judges aren't looking solely at that genre.

At the two previous auditions, she said, "Obviously we are still heavy in vocalists. I think the word hasn't gotten out to young musicians who may have only competed in school or state competitions."

Although the audition in April will be closed, the Memphis Music Showcase in June will be open to the public. Ticket prices haven't been determined.

In addition, organizers have added a two-hour stage-presence workshop in May before the June 7 finale so that local musicians and theater coaches can give the finalists suggestions and tips on making their performance more polished for the show.

For information about showcase rules, leave a message with the Orpheum at 525-7800, ext. 404.

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