Dani McCulloch

Crowd of 15,000 enjoy Collierville Independence Day Celebration Featuring Dani!

Dani headlined a great night of Music and Fireworks at the annual Collierville Independence Day Celebration. Mayor Kerley and other dignitaries were on hand and welcomed the huge crowd of Patriotic citizens to a fun, relaxing and high energy evening. The AIMS Gang kicked off the music for the night and performed a great set of outstanding favorites. The AIMS Gang hails from Collierville and have some really talented musicians. They were followed by Almost Famous, who have played at a wide variety of venues in their storied past.

Dani took the stage at 8:00 and ended her show at 9:30 by performing a chill bump inducing version of the National Anthem. Dani and her band played some of her new original music that will be on her upcoming EP/Album scheduled to be release by the end of 2007. She also perform some awesome Classic Covers that reflect her style and heritage, having grown up here in Memphis and playing on Beale and other venues since she was 14.

Posted 07/16/2007

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