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Outside the Lines
Let Me Fly
The One
Can't Say No To You
Sea Of Change
Memphis At Midnight
A Little More Alive
Big Bad Trip
I Can't Get Enough
10 Run To You
11 Sweat
12 Feels Good To Miss You
Outside the Lines

Review of Dani by Commercial Appeal Memphis
The Commercial Appeal recently reviewed Dani and her new CD, "Outside the Lines,". Mark Jordan, local freelance writer for the C.A., stated about Dani that one might "liken her to the 70's versions of Tanya Tucker or Lorrie Morgan, country ing'enues who likewise exuded a quality and attitude way beyond their years."

Jordan goes on to state that Dani and her producers, Jim Allison and Stephanie McKenna, "co-wrote all 12 tracks." and that "Dani has fashioned a record that has its sights set squarely on the top of the contemporary country charts." He also stated that "the quality of the material is remarkable for what is essentially an independent release." According to Jordan "What is even more impressive is the assuredness with which Dani tackles each track."

Jordan gave Dani's new album, "Outside the Lines", a rating of 3 stars out of 4. You can buy Dani's CD here on her website under the "My Music" Buy Now button or you can buy singles from the Album for $.99 each at Qtrnote.com.

Outside the Lines
Jim Allison, Dani McCulloch, Stephanie McKenna (Songwriters).

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