Dani LABEL SHOWCASE @ Isaac Hayes Club
Dani had a great showcase at Isaac Hayes Club on Tuesday, Nov 16th. Head of A&R;, Tim Wipperman, was on hand from Equity Records as they consider signing Dani as an artist on their label. Tim's words to Dani after the show were that she was a better performer than 99% of the female artists that are already signed to Label Deals. Labels are really leary of signing minors to recording contracts so we will continue to talk to Equity over the next year and then they want to see her again after she turns 18. He had tremendous things to say about Dani and believes she will be a major recording artist in the future.

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported Dani at this showcase. Isaac Hayes wants us to come back and be a regular performer at the club. We'll keep you posted about that.
posted: 10/30/2004

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