Check Dani out on!
This is a great site for Indie artists. Indiejukebox helps promote artists and their music and shares revenue with artists that they create through their site. Dani and her song "Let Me Fly" has been listed in the top 20 on Indiejukebox for much of the past 2 months. She is currently updating her listing to play her song "Feels Good to Miss You".

IJB is a great concept and Craig Manganello is all about promoting artists of all types. He has no hidden agendas but just loves music and the artists that create and perform their music.

Indiejukebox is great at keeping fresh info available about their artists on the site. They have info about Dani being on XM Radio, FreshBlend Radio and AIIRadio so they are great about helping promote artists even if they means referencing other online sites. Thx Craig for looking out for the artist 1st.
posted: 3/02/2021

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