Dani Opens for Warner Brothers Recording artist, ''Andy Childs'' of ''Sixwire''
Dani opened up for one of the most rockin country singers around , "Andy Childs" of "Sixwire", May 3rd in Scott, AR outside Little, Rock. Andy is the lead singer of "Sixwire", which is one of Warner Brother Records featured artists, who are continually growing in popularity at a rapid pace. They are currently recording their 2nd Album so Check them out:


Dani performed 2 sets of her original music mixed in with some great cover songs. She really had 2 great performances that the crowd really loved. She wowed the crowd with the power and range of her voice as well as her smooth bluesy tone.

Andy Childs was very encouraging to Dani and took time to share with her some of his experiences. There is a possiblity they may even hook up on some tour events Andy/Sixwire have scheduled. We'll let you know if that shakes out. "I just want to thank Andy for his encouragement and offer to help me out with my career. This is the 1st time I have seen him perform in person and he is awesome. I was blown away by his voice, his abilities with the guitar but mostly by his stage presence. He is really amazing and is my new favorite male Country Artist. You should go see him in person...Thx so much Andy."

You can check him out at:


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